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Teach English in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a former British colony, now become one of two Special Administrative Regions of China, the other being Macau.

In Hong Kong, English and Cantonese are the official languages, with Mandarin (the official language in Mainland China) on the rise. However, even though English is one of the official languages, there is still a considerable need for English language training at schools.

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Teachers should keep in mind that Hong Kong is the most developed among all South China cities and salaries are much higher, but the cost of living is much higher as well.

Ideal candidates must be English native speaker, and should have:

  • a bachelor’s degree or higher;
  • TEFL/TESL Certified or Professionally Trained;
  • no criminal record;

Basic Benefits of Teaching Jobs In Hong Kong

Monthly salary HK$22,000 – HK$45,000 (approx. US$2,800-US$5,800) based on qualifications/experience     Currency Exchange
Teaching level: elementary & secondary Schools
Airfare round trip airfare (economy class)
Free accommodation or Monthly housing allowance (HK$14,000/month (approx. US$1,800/month)
National holidays, summer vacation (flexible, determined by school)
Medical insurance

* Salary is negotiable, dependent upon the responsibilities and relevant work experience.

In addition to the school's employment package, Prospects Asia also provides the supports below:

  • VISA application;
  • Emergency contact in Hong Kong during the contract period.

Hong Kong Facts & Figures

Hong Kong is an exciting place and has dynamic East-meets-West atmosphere. It is busy, vibrant; around every corner there’s a new spectacle to behold.

Status Semi-autonomous, special administrative region of China
Population 7,071,576 (2011 census)
Area 1,098 sq km (424 sq miles)
Density 6,544 / km2
Major languages Chinese (mainly Cantonese), English (both official)
Major religions Buddhism, Taoism
Monetary unit Hong Kong dollar (HKD)
Internet domain .hk
International dialling code +852
Drives on the left
Time zone MST (UTC+8)